Pull-Out vs Pull-Down kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets are available in many styles and come in different shapes and sizes. Because of a variety of designs, you may feel difficult to choose the right style of faucet that suits your kitchen. Before selecting any faucet, you have to consider the benefits, features, pros and cons of each style of faucet. Also, it is difficult to go to the store and learn about every faucet. However, out of different designs of kitchen faucets, people always have confusion between pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets. Though the names seem to be the same, there are differences in design, features, performance, working and navigation. Generally, people don’t go into deep and end up with a wrong purchase. So, this discussion will let you know the real difference between pull-out and pull-down faucets. Also, it can help you in selecting the perfect style of kitchen faucet for your kitchen. So, let’s start the discussion of pull-out vs pull-down kitchen faucets.

Pull-out kitchen faucet:

Pull-out kitchen faucets come with a handy design to offer a great flexibility. Not only in the kitchen, but pull-out kitchen faucets can also be used in the bathrooms and other areas of the home. These kitchen faucets are flexible enough to make your work easier all the time. It has a nozzle that attached to a hose, and that can be pulled out of the housing to do the works. These faucets usually come with short spouts to allow you to use them in small places. Pull-out kitchen faucets include lengthy hoses so that you can move the nozzle in any direction in your home to do any work. For example, this kitchen faucet can help you in filling the water in the pots and dishes on the countertop instead of filling them in the sink. Also, for washing big dishes that don’t fit into your sink, pull-out faucets are the best products.

Generally, pull-out faucets come with small arc designs and allow you to move the nozzle 360-degree. So, you can get relaxed when using a pull-out faucet. When this faucet is not in use, the spray hose stays inside the spout effortlessly, and the nozzle stays attached to the spout. In this condition, it looks like a normal kitchen faucet. Because of low arc design, these kitchen faucets can be installed in the middle of the sink effortlessly. Pull out kitchen faucets are the perfect choice for two-sink kitchen constructions. With one pull out faucet, you can do your work in any of the sinks. Because of space-saving design, these kitchen faucets can be installed in both small and big sinks. When you install this faucet in your kitchen, you can access more area from a single place.

If you have less space in your kitchen, then you should prefer a pull-out kitchen faucet for your kitchen sink. The pull-out kitchen faucet is convenient to use in your kitchen for multiple works. Because of its space managing design and style, many people love to use this kitchen faucet. Also, it can be a great choice for houses with dual-lever system faucets. Its finger-friendly button can help you to control the water flow and temperature.


  • Pull-out kitchen faucet offers great mobility.
  • It offers you the freedom to fill the water-pots, jars on the countertop.
  • Pull-out kitchen faucets have a compact size to save the space in your kitchen.


  • The pull-out faucet is not suitable for filling higher pots.

Pull-down kitchen faucet:

Similar to the pull-out faucet, the pull-down faucet comes with an inbuilt spray hose. But, that hose can only be pulled to downwards for a short distance, which is the biggest difference between the pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets. The pull-down faucet has a big arc design. However, you can bring the nozzle downwards near to the sink to do your work. Pull-down kitchen faucets offer a modern look to your home, and they are available in a variety of designs. Pull-down kitchen faucets offer a variety of spray options for washing and filling applications which is not available in the pull-out models.

As the hose can only be pulled downwards that too for a short distance, it can keep the kitchen and home wet-free. Also, you can maintain cleanness in your kitchen with this kitchen faucet effectively. If your kitchen has a deep sink, you can consider installing a pull-down faucet in your kitchen. You can install a pull-down kitchen faucet in your kitchen if you are looking for a motionless and modern kitchen faucet for your home. Pull-down models are the most adopted design in the kitchen faucet world. As it has a high arc design, you should install this faucet in the middle of the sink for a better usability.

Pull-down faucet requires more space for installation, so it can’t be used with small sinks. Because of its trendy look and outstanding features, pull-down kitchen faucets have a high demand in the market. For low water pressure, pull-down faucets may cause some temporary problems. Still, the popularity of the pull-down faucets is high in the market. With a modern and user-friendly design, the pull-down kitchen faucets make the works of the user easy in the kitchen. The main difference between both the models is the hose length and direction of movement. But, you shouldn’t select a faucet only considering that. You should consider the pros, cons and other features while choosing a kitchen faucet for your home.


  • Pull-down kitchen faucets offer a variety of spray options for different purposes.
  • Because of high arc design, pull-down faucets can be used for filling taller pots.
  • Pull-down kitchen faucets offer the best performance for cleaning the vegetables and dishes in deep sinks.


  • Because of high neck, the water pressure may decrease.
  • It requires more space for installation.


Here the discussion ends. Now, it is up to you which style of kitchen faucet you will choose for your kitchen. Whatever style of kitchen faucet you select, you shouldn’t regret your purchase after installing that faucet in your kitchen.

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